Ambassadors’ Dinner

The Ambassadors' Dinner brings the Fondation Richelieu de Joliette's annual fundraising campaign to a close in style.

 Ambassadors are then invited to share a meal – entirely sponsored – with Club Richelieu members. On this occasion, the campaign’s honorary president(s) present(s) their points of view on various realities affecting their professional environment or their social commitment.

The 30th Ambassadors’ Dinner of the Fondation Richelieu de Joliette, held on April 25, 2023, at the St-Liguori Golf Club, announced that the annual campaign had raised $128,245. Thanks to all!
We welcomed Marcel Mailhot, president and founder of Productions maraîchères Mailhot and Distillerie Grand Dérangement, two companies proudly associated with organic practices.
Our sincere congratulations on your very interesting testimonial!

Our previous guests

Over the years, participants in the Ambassadors' Dinner have had the privilege of experiencing stimulating encounters with our speakers:

  • Father Fernand Lindsay (1992), artistic director of the Festival de Lanaudière;
  • Paul Tellier (1993), President and CEO of Canadian National;
  • Yves Landry (1994), President and CEO, Chrysler Canada;
  • André Bérard (1995), President and Chief Executive Officer of National Bank;
  • Gilles Lussier (1996), Bishop of the Diocese of Joliette;
  • Pierre Michaud (1997), President, CEO and majority shareholder of Réno-Dépôt;
  • Bernard Bonin (1998), first Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada;
  • Claude Béland (1999), President of the Mouvement des caisses Desjardins;
  • The Honourable Paule Gauthier (2000), Chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (Government of Canada), Honorary Consul General of Sweden, lawyer with Desjardins Ducharme Stein Monast;
  • Rémi Marcoux (2001), President and CEO, Transcontinental Group;
  • André de Villers (2002), Vice-President and CEO of Theratechnologies;
  • Jean-François Lépine (2003), Radio-Canada journalist;
  • Guy Sirois (2004), General Manager, Groupe Gaudreault;
  • Robert Dutton (2005), President and CEO, Rona Inc;
  • Yves Beauchemin (2006), writer;
  • Pierre Dufresne (2007), President and CEO of Sico;
  • Dr. Sarah Bellemare (2008), liver surgeon at CHUM, La Presse Personality of the Year 2005;
  • Jean Robillard (2009), President and CEO of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton;
  • Maurice Beauséjour (2010), General Manager, Rona L’Entrepôt, Mascouche;
  • Katia Gagnon (2011), journalist and author, assistant to the director of information at La Presse newspaper, general section and political bureaus.
  • Jean-Claude Chagnon (2012), retired from teaching and Richelieu, actively involved in the community.
  • Marie-Claude Boisvert (2013), Chief Operating Officer, Desjardins Venture Capital.
  • Louis Vachon (2014), President and Chief Executive Officer, National Bank
  • Pierre Sylvestre (2015), President and CEO, E.B.I.
  • Serge Harnois, Luc Harnois, Claudine Harnois (2016), respectively President and CEO, Senior Optimization Advisor and Vice President, Human Resources, Communications and Culture, Harnois Groupe pétrolier.
  • Andrew Molson (2017), Partner and Chairman of Res Publica Consulting Group.
  • Dr. Yanick Beaulieu (2018), director of the intensive care ultrasound program, CH Sacré-Coeur, and creator of REACTS, a digital platform for collaborative communications.
  • Guy Cormier (2019), President and CEO, Desjardins Group
  • Marie-Josée Desrochers (2022), President and General Manager, Place-des-Arts.
  • Marcel Mailhot(2023), president and founder of Productions maraîchères Mailhot and Distillerie Grand Dérangement.

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