Apply for a grant

Apply for a grant

The eligibility criteria for grants from the Fondation Richelieu-International are set out in its "Funding Policy" and include, but are not limited to, the criteria listed below.

The Fondation Richelieu-International (FRI) is sensitive to the fertile creativity and inventive spirit of the organizations it works with.

The FRI will support partners proposing projects in the following areas:


  • Protecting and enhancing foraging insects
  • Replacing polluting activities with green activities
  • Support for the formation of environmental programs
  • Protection of living environments (wetlands, undergrowth, forests, pastures, etc.)

Cleaning and restoration

  • Cleaning up riverbanks, undergrowth and other polluted areas
  • Wetland restoration
  • Cleaning up living environments
  • (humans, animals, etc.)
  • Depollution

Recovery and reuse

  • Recovery for use in its original form
  • Recovery for other uses (artistic, utilitarian, re-fashioning, etc.)


  • Composting
  • Restoring natural environments
  • Resource development (natural, renewable, human, animal, etc.)
  • Creation of animal habitats (nesting boxes, beehives, shelters)

Green energy development

  • Conversion to renewable energy
  • Planting (trees, shrubs, flowers, groves)

Projects can be submitted until May 6, 2023.

For information :

Bernard Landreville
Chairman Fondation Richelieu-International

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