Mission, vision & values

Mission, vision and values

Support projects for and by young Francophones, with an environmental focus.

The Fondation Richelieu-International was created on August 30, 1977 in Ottawa, as a result of Richelieu International's determination to find more effective ways of helping young people. Its motto is "Helping is in our nature

The Fondation Richelieu-International is the expression of the great generosity of Richelieu members. It confirms the presence of the Richelieu movement on the international scene, its openness to the French-speaking world and the influence of its clubs.

Its mission

Fondation Richelieu-International is a charitable organization whose mission is to support projects for and by young Francophones, with an environmental focus.

Vision: To be a financial guide for young people

The Fondation Richelieu-International does not initiate or commit itself to these actions, but supports them morally and financially.
It not only collects funds, but also manages and generates them through its investments, and can establish partnerships.

Its values

The Fondation Richelieu-International adheres to the Richelieu International values of commitment, respect, equality and inclusion, as well as to those of caring and the environment.

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