Jean-Joseph Girard Award

Jean-Joseph Girard Award

One way to contribute to Fondation Richelieu-International is to offer a JEAN-JOSEPH-GIRARD PRIZE to a personality of your choice.

The Prix Jean-Joseph-Girard was created in 2002 in honor of the first president of the Fondation Richelieu-International.

Any person, whether a member of the Richelieu movement or not, who expresses the wish to receive the JEAN-JOSEPH-GIRARD PRIZE and who makes a donation to the Foundation in the amount established according to the Foundation’s administrative policy, becomes an honorary member of this prestigious brotherhood. You can also apply to the PRIX JEAN-JOSEPH-GIRARD for official recognition of an individual or group.

Donation : 5 000$ administration : 1 000$ Total : 6 000$

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