Donation In Honorarium, In Memoriam, Planned

In memoriam and In honorarium donations

An in honorarium or in memoriam gift can be immediate or deferred, and can include assets and sums of money as well as securities, bequests, life insurance products, a collector's item or a vehicle, to name just a few possibilities.

Don In Memoriam

The Fondation Richelieu-International is the expression of the great generosity of Richelieu members. It confirms the presence of the Richelieu movement on the international scene, its openness to the French-speaking world and the influence of its clubs.

Don In Honorarium

The In Honorarium donation is a great way to pay tribute to a special person or event by making a donation to a charity in their name. It’s an act of generosity that honours the person or event being celebrated while supporting an important cause.

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Once the documents have been downloaded and completed, please mail them to: Richelieu International

Richelieu International
Fondation Richelieu-International
180 Mont-Bleu Boulevard, Suite 206
Gatineau, Quebec J8Z 3J5

Planned giving

It’s a well-known fact that people support causes that are close to their hearts. Every year, they take part in fund-raising campaigns for well-known philanthropic organizations.

Planned giving is a complementary and different approach. It enables the potential donor to make a substantial gift consisting of assets such as :

  • a sum of money;
  • securities (certificate of ownership of an investment);
  • a legacy;
  • a life insurance product;
  • a collector’s item;
  • a car;
  • or others;

… to support a particular cause or charity.

This formula has been around for almost 100 years in the English-speaking world, and has been gaining in popularity in all communities in recent years.

A person can make an immediate donation. This immediately entitles him to tax exemption. You can also make a deferred donation. This donation will be returned after a period agreed with the Foundation, generally after the donor’s death, for example. The tax exemption will be granted to the donor during his or her lifetime, or to his or her estate, depending on the established rules.

Careful planning with the donor can even result in greater tax benefits than a simple cash gift.

For more information, please contact the Foundation staff at

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